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Haunted Rock n' Roll Cemetery Walk-thru
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Our sit-up Dracula was added in 1997. When visitors trigger it via a light beam sensor, a spotlight switches on and eerie organ music is heard. After a short delay he bolts upright from his coffin! His eyes glow an eerie red whenever he is activated, however as with most of our displays, he is best viewed at night, preferably under a yellow moon.

As guests proceed onto the property, a skeleton is illuminated by lights, evil laughter is heard, and the skeleton shakes wildly with bones rattling. Dare to take a look?

Shown here is our coiled snake, which automatically lurches out at our visitors legs as they walk through our yard.

For those brave enough to actually ring the doorbell, Freddie comes and tries to slice candy from their hands!

Along the walkway, a menu board becomes lit with a severed arm swinging intensely in an attempt to write additional specials on the board.

The next surpise occurs as a ghoul launches at potential tricksters!
More surprises await in the yard...

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